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Best Place To Sell Your Car

30 January 2023
Selling your car doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. A quick internet search will reveal several car-selling sites that make the process quick and straightforward. Many only require your car’s registration and mileage to offer an instant valuation.
Figuring out the best place to sell your car is often determined by how quickly you need to sell your car. If you’re looking for a same-day sale, IsYourCarAvailable can give you an online quote in minutes. Established in 2022, we’re a trusted family-run used car retailer. Through a straightforward method, we’re dedicated to being the best place to sell your car. Here’s our handy guide to help you accelerate your car-selling journey.

Which place is best to sell your car?

If, you’re gearing up to sell your car, searching online will dig up numerous places. Everything from online auctions and car dealers to well-known websites for private sales, such as Auto Trader and ones specifically for classic cars, will all show-up. As a seller looking for the best price, you’ll want to ensure you sell your car at market value. If you’re unsure what route is best for you, we’re here to help. Below is a list of options available when selling your car.

Options for Selling Your Car

Car retailers

If you need to sell your car fast, car retailers and car dealers are good options. Our car-buying service makes it straightforward for you to sell your car. We have a great reputation for providing outstanding, friendly and hassle-free customer service. Unlike other car-buying services, we don’t just offer you a good price for your car. We guarantee the best price possible so you can put it towards a new car or keep the funds for a rainy day.

Benefits of selling your car to a car buying site:

  • You’ll sell your car quickly
  • Car buying sites are verified dealers. You can rest easy knowing the price paid for your old car is fair
  • It’s a hassle-free way to sell your car, with deals often happening on the same day as the initial valuation.

What is the best site to sell a used car?

Selling your car online is the best way to sell your car quickly. Most sites can complete the sale on the same day as the valuation. Plus, it’s likely there’ll be a local depot close to your home. IsYourCarAvailable has drop-off locations in four places in England, and, we ensure you get an unbeatable price for your car.

How it works when you sell your car to us:

1. Tell us about your car. From the comfort of your home use our online valuation system to enter your vehicle registration number, mileage and information about your car, including its condition. You’ll get an instant valuation based on the information you have told us.

2. Accept the valuation. If you accept our valuation, the team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to bring your car to the closest IsYourCarAvailable store.

3. Bring your car to us. At the chosen store, a vehicle appraiser will inspect your car to confirm its condition matches the condition information from your online form. Make sure your car is clean and tidy to avoid any delays. Our vehicle appraisals take around 30 minutes. You’ll need to bring all the relevant documentation to sell quickly.

4. Once we’ve done all our checks, you can sit back and relax while we take your car’s details and complete the sale. If there is outstanding finance on your car we can settle this too!

5. We don’t charge any administration fees when we buy your car. Our team will offer you the best price for your car, and once a sale has been completed, the money will be transferred to your chosen bank account, and we’ll own the car outright.

Top Tips When Selling Your Car To Us

When selling your car to us, the documents and information you need to bring are:

  • V5C logbook
  • Your driving license
  • Utility bill dated to the last three months to confirm address and contact details
  • Up-to-date bank statement so we have your bank details If you have outstanding finance, we’ll need settlement figure information from your finance company. We can help you retrieve this if required
  • Full-service history information if you have it
  • Describe your car accurately on our online valuation system to avoid delays when you bring the car to us.

Which car valuation site is the most accurate?

Which car valuation site pays the most for used cars is a question we get asked a lot at IsYourCarAvailable.com. We understand that you want the best price when selling your car online. Our online valuation service will give you a guaranteed valuation in under two minutes. We want to buy your car, so we often offer more money than other car-buying services and, we’ll settle any existing finance too! All our online valuations are guaranteed for four days are you obtain your price.

What is the best place to sell a car online?

We’ve been in the used car trade for over 20 years and know a thing or two about helping you sell your car.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is one such client's experience,  “Excellent from start to finish. Completed evaluation online - was higher than all other buying companies I tried. Booked an appointment and was completed in 30 minutes. Hardly anything knocked off. Staff were great and I was updated through the whole experience.”

Where can I sell my car for the highest value?

If you’re looking for a better price for your car, look no further than IsYourCarAvailable.com We appreciate that it’s important to get the best price when selling your car. That’s why our seamless process, from online quotation to completing the sale, takes just thirty minutes. We want your car, and that’s why we’ll offer you an unbeatable price if you sell your car directly to us.

Other ways to sell your car:


Online auction 

An auction house is an option for used cars. Weekly sales offer a convenient car-selling service, and you’ll reach many potential buyers. You can also ask the auction company to put a reserve price on your car. Selling your car this way could lead to hidden fees, and you might have to accept less than the trade price for your car to get a quick sale. 


Part exchange

If a new car is on the agenda, the option to part-exchange your old vehicle might be attractive. Selling a used car to lower the cost of your new car is a route many decide to take. Our sister site, Available Car offers guaranteed part exchange valuations that are valid for four days. When you part exchange your vehicle with us, it will be hassle-free and convenient.

With us, you can even part exchange your car if it is on finance. Simply speak to your finance company to get an accurate settlement figure, and a member of our team can take you through the process. 


Sell your car privately

Who will buy my car for the most money? It’s no secret that selling privately returns the most money when selling your car. There are many ways you can complete a private sale for your old car to get the best price possible. 

Local paper and online advertising, including social media sites and classified websites like Auto Trader, are trusted options. However, creating a good advert takes time, not to mention expense. 

To sell your vehicle privately, buyers expect several photos and a walk-around video showing every angle of the car inside and out. Pursuing this route can prove costly and time-consuming as you field phone calls from potential buyers asking questions about the car’s condition and whether you still have the locking wheel nuts! 

Private sellers might also have to spend money to ensure the car is in a saleable condition. This could include a thorough valet, repairs to alloy wheels or a faulty car window. Car buyers might want to test drive the car and often want information on the car’s service history. 

The final part of the puzzle if you sell your vehicle privately is ensuring the money lands in your bank account securely.

Top tip:
Privately selling a car means you have a legal responsibility to ensure the car is roadworthy with a current MOT. It is also illegal to privately sell a car that has outstanding finance.

What is the best payment when selling a car?

Whether you’re selling your car online or through a private sale, it’s best to consider what payment method you’ll be happy to accept once the sale is complete. Payment for cars can be in cash, BACS, cheque or banker’s draft and escrow. 

Paying through online bank transfers is one of the better ways to get paid. This is the approach we take here at IsYourCarAvailable.


Where is the safest place to sell a car?

You don’t need an award-winning dealer to sell your car, but, using reputable car-buying services is recommended as a safe and cost-effective way to sell your car. If you’re selling your vehicle privately on Auto Trader or similar sites, be aware that car buyers often want to come and test drive your car. In these circumstances, it’s important to stay savvy – choose a public location and follow these top tips for safety if you decide to sell privately: 

  • Don’t give sensitive information out over the phone
  • Arrange a neutral location for the viewing. It is not advised to hold the viewing at your home address
  • Stay in the car with the potential buyers when they are trying your car
  • Ask to see their driving license and take a photo/note down their license number
  • Never let the buyer keep hold of the car keys
  • For a private sale, don’t let the new buyer take the car or any related documentation away until the money has landed in your bank account
Source: Green Flag

When it comes to the best place to sell your car, whether you decide to part-exchange your vehicle for a new car, complete a private sale or sell online to a car buying site, we hope this article has helped determine the best route for you. Getting an online valuation from IsYourCarAvailable takes a couple of minutes and could help you sell your car quickly. 

For your instant, free online valuation, enter your car’s information below: